CBRC's new capital adequacy rules are causing dramatic, and positive, changes in Chinese banks behavior.  Read my article in the Financial Times.  (click)
Shanghai residential real estate prices are headed down.  This is a buying opportunity in China¨s most attractive long term market.                    (click)
To grasp the reality of China one must think about individual Chinese.  Read my recent article.                     (click)





My company, S.M. Harner and Company, serves a select group  of financial institutions and non-financial corporations undertaking strategic market development initiatives in China and Japan.

We work directly with senior executives and project teams to plan and execute strategic initiatives.  

Our clients realize exceptional, mission-critical value from:

  • our unmatched expertise in the Chinese and Japanese financial sectors and business environments;

  • our world class capabilities and up-to-date transactional experience in financial business start-up, management and market development, and in investment evaluation and execution; and

  • our unique depth of knowledge of local market institutions, practices, and people---and fluency in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese--developed over 20 years of living and working in China and Japan.

Please click Company Services for details of how we can help to ensure your success in China and Japan.  

Our Service Approach

Our clients receive the highest level of professional, expert, and confidential service, delivered personally  by me, Stephen M. Harner.



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