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Shanghai residential real estate prices are headed down.  This is a buying opportunity in China’s most attractive long term market.                    (click)
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Reviews of Books by Stephen M. Harner

Japan’s Financial Revolution and How American Firms are Profiting

 (M.E. Sharpe Inc. 2000)

Stephen M. Harner is one of those rare individuals who combines scholarly insight with on-the-ground practical experience in financial institutions in Asia.  No one could be better equipped to take on this challenging topic.”

--George R. Packard, United States-Japan Foundation

 “Japan is now going through the most far-reaching revolution of its financial system since the end of World War II and, perhaps, the Meiji Restoration.  Stephen M. Harner as produced one of the most thorough reviews and analysis of this revolution to appear so far.” 

-- David Hale, Chief Global Economist, Zurich Financial Services


China’s New Political Economy – Revised Edition

(Westview Press 1999)

“Stephen M. Harner, a former diplomat and chief representative of Deutsche Bank AG in Shanghai (also translator of the 1995 edition), joins Susumu Yabuki, a leading Japanese sinologist, to paint a broad picture of China’s evolving political economy.    I strongly recommend their current edition as a valuable reference source on China’s new political economy.  There is no other book that presents such a wide variety of information about China’s economic and political system in such a useful way.  This is a book no China watcher will want to be without.”       – James Dorn, Cato Journal, Cato Institute


China’s New Political Economy – The Giant Awakes

(Westview Press 1995)

“Clearly translated by Stephen M. Harner, [this] lucid analysis and astute use of charts and graphs provide the clearest description of modern China around.  A must for all China watchers. 

-– Professor Robert M. Orr, Jr. Temple University Japan



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