CBRC's new capital adequacy rules are causing dramatic, and positive, changes in Chinese banks behavior.  Read my article in the Financial Times.  (click)
Shanghai residential real estate prices are headed down.  This is a buying opportunity in China’s most attractive long term market.                    (click)
To grasp the reality of China one must think about individual Chinese.  Read my recent article.                     (click)





Recent Projects

Financial Sector
Banking For an international financial institution investor, pre-investment due diligence on China's city commercial bank sector.  Making of a "short list" of attractive investment candidates based on face-to-face interviews and financial analysis. 
Banking For a Chinese bank seeking international investors, preparation of a strategic business plan and information memorandum, based on comprehensive market and competitive analysis. 
Securities Market demand evaluation and study of modalities for delivering off-shore USD denominated investment products in the Chinese market.  Worked closely with Chinese FIs to design products and prepare for regulatory approval.
Banking Operational management and organization change project for Chinese bank focusing on strengthening internal operational management systems, budgeting, product and customer marketing organizations, and personnel and incentive systems.
Insurance  Survey and analysis of bancassurance approach to distributing life insurance products in China.  Study of channels, economics, management issues, regulatory issues, competitive benchmarking and positioning.
Banking Comprehensive credit risk management audit and evaluation of Chinese bank.  Delivered detailed recommendations for improvement during Phase Two.
Banking Comprehensive analysis of retail banking products and product profitability in the Japanese market.
Banking Full competitive survey of and market entry study for bancassurance in the Chinese market.
Banking Industry analysis and strategic planning study for foreign insurance companies
Banking securities &  fund management     Full industry analysis and positioning strategy study for foreign financial institutions 
Banking Full China market entry and branch banking strategy for major foreign bank in the Shanghai market.  Study of business and regulatory environment, competitive environment, economics.
Banking Study of banking sector lending practices and constraints on SME lending in Cambodia.
Banking  Greater China business development strategy for a leading European bank. Project included market strategy, product strategy, competitive positioning, current and post-WTO regulatory setting and prognosis, roles of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei offices, and personnel issues.
Non-Financial Sector
Logistics For an international strategic investor, pre-investment due diligence on a privately owned Chinese logistics company.  
Electrical apparatus Pre-merger due diligence and evaluation of sales and distribution capabilities of state-owned electrical apparatus company.    Performed for potential foreign investor.
Chemicals Pre-restructuring financial performance (profitability, cost controls, asset utilization) benchmarking to local market and corporate standards of MNC JV company in Japan.
Chemicals Valuation of wholly-owned and JV operations of U.S. multinational in Japan.  Identification of key drivers of shareholder value and economic profit.
Chemicals Due diligence on financial capabilities and financing arrangements of prospective Chinese partner in new JV negotiations
Chemicals Pre-investment financial and legal due diligence and valuation for potential acquisition of privately-owned Chinese company by foreign multinational company.  Acquisition successfully concluded.
Minerals Financial due diligence on financial capacity of potential Chinese joint venture partner with state-owned partner in minerals extraction and processing project in China.
Industrial material manufacturing   Conducted China-wide survey of potential locations for a wholly foreign owned (WOFE) manufacturing plant investment.  Analysis focused on availability of cheap electric power, transport facilities, and government policies.
Transport Full feasibility study for setting up joint venture with state-owned partner in container transport sector in Shanghai area.   Full regulatory, competition, economics, positioning, and strategy analysis.



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